قَلَق \ anxiety: a feeling of fear and uncertainty about what may happen. care: anxiety; trouble: His mind is full of cares. concern: anxiety (about sth.): He feels concern about the old and ill. nervousness: anxiety. suspense: the state of being uncertain whether sth. will happen or not: He had a feeling of suspense as he waited for his examination results. trouble: anxiety; discomfort; difficulty: She told me all her troubles. uneasiness: anxiety; discomfort. unrest: discontent; restlessness: The fear of unemployment causes social unrest. worry: anxiety; a cause of anxiety: She became ill with worry. His son’s wild behaviour is a continual worry to him. \ See Also هم (هَمّ)، حيرة (حَيرَة)، اضطراب (اِضْطِراب)، انتظار (اِنْتِظار)‏

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